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Lights, Camera, Registry!

Pencl Domains is ready for the Registry launch with over 700 TLDs.

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Pencil App

Pencil App is built on Rust + Svelte one of the first DIDs on the blockchain HNS.

Solana Fusion Networks ©

Solana + Handshake

Handshake joins the Solana ecosystem with the first DIDs on the ecosystem.

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HNSRugs Collab

Sooner hnsrugs community will be able to get their domain on the blockchain.

Let begin with something

Pencil Special Event 2023, The arrival of the first DIDs on the blockchain HNS.



Over 1.4 million people worldwide. Where it ranks as the 16th most common forename in Italy.

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Bob Wallet Integration

Pencil Domains integrates with Bob Wallet, a Handshake wallet for the dweb.


Hooks, utilities, and more

Pencil Domains offers a collection of domains for you to choose from for cities, countries, and more.

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Shaky App

Shaky App is a decentralized app to find any tld on the Handshake protocol.

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